Children Are A Blessing

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Children having fun today on jungle gym and swings.7-13-2010 (Tuesday)

Last night, we moved to where we will be living for the next 12 days.  We are staying at the Children of the Nation facility, which is outside Lilongwe.  Children of the Nations assists disadvantaged teenage children and young adults, giving them an education and an opportunity to better their situation in life.  The most important aspect of their teaching is to raise these young people as believers in Jesus Christ.

I woke up around 4:30 this morning.  It is cold here compared to the 115-degree days back in Phoenix, as it is probably around 40 degrees here.  I don’t want to wake up Tyler, my roommate, so I am using the flashlight App on my iPhone.  As I depart the room to go and brush my teeth in the bathroom, I attempt to shut off the flashlight App on my phone.  In doing so, I am looking down, not forward, and walk directly into a tree with my forehead.  To my defense, the tree was directly in the middle of the sidewalk, so I am not completely at fault.

Today was a fantastic day in the village of Chikudzulire.  Started the day at the Somebody Cares office this morning at 7:30 for God calisthenics, which included prayer, singing, prayer, and more singing.  I believe the Holy Spirit of God enjoys dwelling at the offices of Somebody Cares, for the level of faith of the staff and attending missionaries is high.

It’s time to leave, so we need to go and get into the vans.  One of my fellow team members just asked me what happened to my head.  They said I have a large bump on my head and it is bleeding.  So, I looked into the mirror, oops they are correct.  I guess this is my first battle wound in Africa.  Hopefully nobody will laugh at me today, as it is a little embarrassing.

The medical team (Robin, Stephanie, Lynn and Rachel) is going to Ngona to provide checkups and administer medicine to sick people in the village.  As they arrive in Ngona and set up for the clinic, they are overwhelmed by the people lining up to see the doctors.  By the end of the afternoon, they have given medical assistance to 40 people.  The doctors also took the time to listen to the devastating personal life stories of some of the adults they had treated.  I believe these doctors will never forget many of those whom they gave aid too today.  The experience has given them a sense of accomplishment and a sense of despair, as there are too many sick people for them to care for.  Now we are blessed by the doctors’ return, as the entire medical team shares with us some of the stories of the day.

I am still amazed at the number of people who ride their bikes everywhere.  They ride them not just to get themselves around, but also to carry goods and supplies for sale to other villages and the market place.  Some of the riders have attached wood sticks to their bikes in order to stack up large quantities of wood, sugar cane, and other goods to sell at the market place.  I am amazed as I just saw a guy with a stack of wood on a bike that looks to be 6 or 7 feet high.  I question how they even balance themselves while driving down the road.  Vehicles fly by the bicyclists so fast and within inches of the rider’s; I am amazed at how they don’t even flinch.  Apparently, this is just a normal occurrence in their lives, so, no big deal!  A staff member told me that when a car hits a bicyclist or pedestrian along the roadside, the person driving the car is responsible for the medical bills of the injured person.  I hope we don’t hit anyone, because our driver is flying down the road.  I am not even sure if the wheels are on the ground.

This is so cool, we are in a remote area, and the little children are so excited to see us driving by.  Apparently they do not see people driving by very often, especially “azungus” (white people).  They are coming out running, waving, and screaming things out loud as we speed through their neighborhood.  The children seem to be amused by anything they would not normally see or experience in their lives.  This is one of my favorite things I have seen so far.  I love these kids.  Most of these children have so little; I guess any little change or something new or different can have a huge impact on their lives.

We are now arriving at the Somebody Cares Community Center in Chikudzulire.  Children come to the Center from many of the surrounding 46 villages that make up the Chikudzulire zone.  They gather for instruction, fun, porridge, and hope.  Basically, the community center is a daycare for the parents to send the children.  Most importantly, the Community Center provides one meal for the children Monday through Friday, so they at least receive one meal everyday.  About 50 children are in a classroom now, and are reciting the Alphabet Song.  It is joyful to watch these children, who are probably between the ages of 2-6, learning the alphabet among their peers.  As a means of encouragement, when one of the students completes the Alphabet Song, the others clap for their fellow classmate.

Outside children are running around the complex, and playing on the swings and monkey bars.  Up until a year ago, when the playground was built, the children had never seen a swing or monkey bar.  But, now a year later, many of the children have become quite proficient at using the playground apparatus, but not all.  I am going to teach some of the children that don’t know how to swing to use their legs, and how to swing back and forth, so they too can have some fun.  There are many of these children helping other children to play and learn.  I am surprised how the children share; how the older children help the younger ones enjoy playing, and how they want others to enjoy what they are enjoying.  Seeing this makes me feel good.

It is now the end of the afternoon.  I have played with the kids for hours, and I am worn out.  I am not sure if playing with them on the swings and monkey bars was the most fun, or teaching them stories about God with Joe as my interpreter.  I know this for sure; these kids have touched my heart today.  What a joy it is to see their beautiful smiles beaming for all to see.  These innocent children just need an opportunity, an opportunity to live life, an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to have food and water, and an opportunity to know true joy from our creator.  I am beginning to understand how the ministry of Somebody Cares is giving them an opportunity to live longer and with hope.  What a HUGE BLESSING today was for me.  Thank you God!!

See you tomorrow as I continue in my journal of our mission trip to Malawi.


Look for an opportunity to share your life with someone else today.

Daryl Dho

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Thanks Daryl for the updates. We’ll be praying for you and your team and the people you are coming into contact with. Be sure and encourage these people that despite your different skin color, you are all of the same blood (Acts 17:26), all descendants of Adam and Noah (Gen 9:7). I pray to God that their schools aren’t teaching them that they are evolved from apes but that they are a distinct creation in God’s Image. God bless, Tim

Daryl: That was awesome. You really made a difference in there lives. Keep walking in HIS love.

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