Sleep Is For Wimps!!!!

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Well, we completed the first leg of our Journey to Malawi, Africa, and are currently waiting in Hethrow Airport in London, England for our next flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.  The plane ride to London was hot, humid, and there was not any seats left on the plane.  So, sleeping was difficult as we were slammed into our seats like sardines. The floor below us was loaded with carry on luggage because the overheads were packed full preventing much moving around in the cabin.  Fortunately, I have always lived by the motto, “sleep is for wimps”. I think sleep can be overrated at times anyway as we tend to lay there in our beds wondering if we need to sleep longer, or go ahead and get up and ready for the day.

So, we stayed awake in the dark, some watching television or movies, a few were reading, a select few actually were blessed with ability to sleep, but the majority were awake for most of the night.  I was one of those who stayed awake, as I ran through the gauntlet of time wasting techniques in an attempt to pass time; I saw the sun go down then up.  I also watched as the heads of those in seats ahead of me were bobbing and weaving, continuously adjusting in an attempt to sleep.  If they only lived by my motto, ” sleep is for wimps”, then maybe all those who struggled to sleep would have just went with the flow and realized its not happening.

The best part of the flight was meeting some cool people.  I sat next to Margaret and Alan, a couple who have been married for 53 years, and had gone to the United States for 17 days in order to celebrate the 75 birthdays, (3 days apart from each other), and to explore areas such as Yellowstone, Brice Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and other beautiful areas of the U.S.

As a traveler, I am always drink a lot of water, which means one thing; what goes in must come out!  Alan remarked to me as I was needing to go past him and Margaret that we were friends, and it was okay if I they had to move for me several times during the flight.  That made me feel good. I told them about our mission to Malawi, and about how we were going there to help people and share our faith in Christ; this seem to give them some joy.

Eventually, Margaret was one of the people who decided to go to sleep, so she asked me if I needed to get up before she slept; of course I did.  She slept like a rock, eventually snuggling and leaning over towards my seat, making it even more challenging for me to sleep.  I was cool with that since both Margaret and Alan had been so friendly and generous of their time during the flight.  Although Margaret did not believe in my motto “sleep is for wimps”, fortunately for me, I do.

Until next time, sleep tight and  don’t let the bed bugs bite!

May God bless your day and your life,

Daryl Dho

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Excellent, I have always agreed with the “sleep is for wimps” motto! Well good luck and BE SAFE!

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