Happy Mother’s Day-A Husband’s Perspective

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We all have mothers.  But, I am sure many of you have different opinions concerning who your mom is, and what your mom represents in your life.  Some of you never knew your birth mom, some have an adopted mom, some of your mom’s left you of mom and say-

“Happy Mother’s Day”- from a husband’s perspective!

You may be asking yourself, why is he telling us about mom’s from a husband’s perspective?  The answer is quite simple, really.  You see, after getting married, it is like I have two moms now.  I say that because while I grew up at home with my parents, my mom filled that necessary roll in my life.  This next statement may throw some for a loop, but shouldn’t if you really look into your heart.  Most men are just big kids, so our wives take on this role of being like a mom to us.

My mom and my wife are everything you can imagine a mom would be.  Here is a list of things representing what a mom is to me.

1. She is your house for 9 months.
2. She eats for two, as her body grows at a pace she had never thought possible, and now, the clothes she use to wear that made her feel “hot” do not fit anymore.
3. In willing to suffer great pain and agony while giving birth, many times screaming and crying very loud during the process, she is blessed with a calming in her spirit as her newborn enters this world, and she is told-It’s a boy or It’s a girl for the first time.  All the pain goes away, becoming tears of joy as she holds her newborn.
4. She nurses and feeds the baby, getting up in the middle of the night when it cries.
5. Does the dishes.
6. Cooks the meal.
7. Does the laundry.
8. Pays the bills.
9. Cleans the house.
10. Takes care of the yard.
11. Is a nurse to everyone in the house.
12. Is the one person in the house everyone leans on or snuggles up to, because she is a greater comforter.
13. She reads to the children.
14. Helps them with their homework.
15. Gets excited when the kids tell her about their schoolwork or project.
16. Always goes to the kid’s events, such as sports, music, dance, or other performances.
17. Keeps peace in the house.
18. Always seems to know the right thing to say, at a time you need to hear it.
19. Tucks you in at night, making you feel cozy.
20. Can talk to you on phone as long as you need to.
21. Is understanding when you make a mistake; you just don’t want to get Mom mad.

22. She prays for everyone.

23. She is the greatest nurturer of all time.

24. Does all these things and gets paid NOTHING!

25. All these things, and works 40 hours at another job.

26. And a million other thankless duties……………..

Here is the bottom line, mom’s do everything there is to do in a household, without complaining, without thoughts of her own well being, without thoughts of “what’s in it for me”, by putting the needs of others before herself, always willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the family.  The original mom, Eve, was giving by God to Adam to be his helper. In the Bible, in Genesis (Gen 2:18; 21-22), we read, “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”  So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.  And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.

I am grateful God gave me my mom and my wife, who both do all of those things listed above, and a whole lot more.  If I wrote everything a mom does in this article, I would be writing forever.  The most important aspect of what a mom does is love.  Mom’s truly care for and have unconditional love for those God has put in their lives.  Moms live a life of sacrifice, full of love and compassion, nurturing their families as long as they physically can on this earth.

In a sense, I have two moms.  My mom, who gave birth to me, still cares for, loves, guides and directs me in my life, always wanted to nurture me, it’s in her nature.  My wife fills the role of caring for my children, plus caring for me, the big kid, because of her unconditional love for us, and her nurturing way.

God made moms special, and for that there are not enough thanks to go around.  Make sure you tell those who fill this role in your life that you love them today.

Happy Mother’s Day

May God bless your day,

Daryl Dho

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