Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop Suddenly Dies

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I, like millions, maybe billions around the world enjoy listening to the music that Michael Jackson made. Yes, I too was saddened when I heard that “Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop” was dead. I was not your typical Michael Jackson fan, I was a heavy metal maniac that would not be caught listening to Pop music, but Michael Jackson had a way of transcending from one culture to the next. He was able to bring people from all cultures together to enjoy his music, which is one reason people called him “The King Of Pop”.

So, when he passed yesterday, someone who was able to bring people together musically is gone, and we will only be able to listen to his time-honored music in our CD players, IPODS, Cassettes, and maybe a few remaining record album players, (I don’t think that are any 8-track’s). We all wanted him to continue producing more music over the last several years, but unfortunately his life was marred with all of the legal and anti social behavioral issues that seemed to continuously invade his private life.

With his fame, came disappointment. Disappointment in the fact that he could not continue making music the way he was able to, calibrated, with a lot of energy. But, as life continued on, he seemed to be bombarded by the media and all of these issues outside his music. To me, this is the counter tragedy. We all wanted him to make more music, but he couldn’t shake the demon of fame, that stretched it’s ugly arms around him and did everything it could to bring him down.

As a culture, we placed to much pressure on our so-called “Icons” or “Kings”. We want so much to look up to someone, that we put them up on this pedestal, only to watch them eventually fall. After all, we are all human, including “Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop”, he too has a finite life span. We put too many expectations on our celebrities, sports stars, etc. We need to stop making them “KINGS”, for they are just men and women like everyone else.

Eventually, all of us fail as humans, and so did Michael. The big difference for “Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop”, was that he was so high up on everyones social scale, that when he did make a mistake, everyone watched. If people like Michael, who are really good at their craft, could just practice it and not be worshiped like “Idols”, then maybe we, as a society would not recognize their failures as such. You see, we all flounder in our lives, we are not any different, just not in the lime light.

Throughout the Bible, God tells us not to worship idols, which is what we do with many of our celebrities and sports stars. We even call Lebron James, “King James”. God doesn’t want us to do this, He tells us not to, and in doing so, makes Him jealous. So, we shouldn’t put people in this position. It is great to enjoy the arts of their craft, the abilities that God has given them should be appreciated, but we should not idolize the people doing the craft.

I have missed “Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop” making his music for a long time. But I will not ever think of any of our so-called Stars as someone that I should worship. The only one that we should worship is God, as he tells us in Exodus 20:3 (ESV), “You shall have no other gods before me.” We really need to consider this when we have the next “King Of Pop” come along, because we need to give them a break, allow them to be human, make mistakes, have a private life, and just enjoy their craft for what it is. We do not need to watch every part of their lives. Let’s just let them enjoy being remarkable at whatever it is that they are remarkable at, so that we can enjoy and experience their craft. Beyond that, let them live their lives, just like we want to live our lives, one day at a time, with our families and friends, maybe making a mistake here and there, apologizing in the process, and receiving forgiveness for our sins from Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

“Michael Jackson-The King Of Pop”, may you rest in peace, and may your music live on in the memories of all those who enjoy listening to it. I am blocking out the rest, all I want to remember is the music.

May you all have a blessed day,


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It Will Only Take 30 Seconds

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30 seconds, that is not a very long time, but it is the amount of time that people so frequently state to each other in our society that they don’t have time for to share with each other. “It will only take 30 seconds“, says one person to another, comes the common response, “I don’t have the time”. Are we really that busy that we can’t take 30 seconds out of our day for someone else. Does our life matter so much, that a request from someone else for a small 30 second segment of our time gets dismissed with a “get away, your bothering me” type attitude. Because this is what I see happen all the time in our culture.

It may be a simple thing as putting your trash in the trash container, instead dropping on the ground 17 feet away from it. Of course, that only took 8 seconds for the round trip ticket. But think about the smile it put on the person who doesn’t have to pick up the trash now. Stop, look, and gaze at things around you, what do you see. Yes, there are many wonders to marvel at everywhere we go. If you are a photographer, take photos. With digital, you can take hundreds and delete them if you don’t like them, who cares, it only takes about 30 seconds.

Push your shopping cart back into your local store, see what reaction you get from the people that work at the store; you just made their day, and it only took 30 seconds. Many of us get so stressed out to get things done in our busy lives, that we don’t take the time to see life. In the Bible, Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6 “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” The bottom line is that if we learn to trust God, He will provide and protect us, and if we allow Him to do that, we can have our 30 second segments back.

Most Americans claim that they don’t have enough time in there days to do what they want. I say and believe that we just foolishly allocate too much time to wasteful things that don’t matter, and we just don’t sacrifice any of “our time” for things that matter. Take some of “your time”, just 30 seconds here and there, throughout the day, stop and do something different with it than you would normally do in your day, experience life as you currently do not.

Spend time talking to someone in crisis mode who is reaching out, pay for a persons food at a fast food restaurant that you do not know, memorize a Bible verse, pull weeds in your neighbors yard when they are not home, smile and be cheerful to people who look like they are having a horrible day, hug and kiss your kids and spouse while you express how much you love them (you better already do this), and of course spend at least 30 seconds (better be more) with God in prayer and conversation, He enjoys the fellowship and wants to be part of our lives. The list could go on and on, you figure it out. Just take the time to do it. Don’t blow it off, go out and enjoy the people around you, the things around you, the beauty of the earth that God created, and when do, remember to thank God for it all. In a nutshell, life has a lot to offer, if you do not grab some of it, then it will pass you buy,30 seconds at a time…..


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