A Day At The Beach-It’s Lake Malawi Day!

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7-17-2010 (Saturday)

View of Lake Malawi from patio restaurant.

Lake Malawi Day

Today is a day of leisure; so I slept in until 6 AM.  I still am able to spend time with the Lord this morning with prayer and Scripture reading, because breakfast is not until 7:45.  Today is A Day At The Beach-It’s Lake Malawi Day!

Oh yes, note to self; I need to remember that our steering wheel locked up on the way back from Mngwangwa on Thursday.  It locked up because our ignition switch was broke and we had to hot wire the van. This caused the other issue with the steering wheel locking up.  The good news is that we did not go all the way off the road when our driver began to lose control.  Out!

It is just part of life here in Malawi for the drivers of cars, trucks, and vans to honk constantly, as they come upon pedestrians and people on bikes along the side of the road.  Normally, when vehicles approach pedestrians and bike riders, they move to the left side of the road, seemingly without hesitation.  This unwritten rule helps them to avoid being hit by the oncoming traffic.  Please understand, they are walking or riding in the same direction as the vehicles, so they do not see the traffic coming; hence the reason honking the horn is so important.  So here we are driving to Lake Malawi, when all of a sudden, Alan, our driver, sees a guy on a bike along the side of the road.  Alan honks at the man, but the man veers to the right instead of the left like normal.  My heart nearly stops as we just about hit the man on the bike.  Maybe it is possible the man just panicked when he heard the horn blasting, and lost his sense of direction.  It should be the law that when you here a horn, you always go to the left.  When a person looks over their right shoulder, they will most likely go right.  I am glad we didn’t hit the guy, because that would have ruined our day.

Finally, we made it to Lake Malawi.  I am changing into my shorts, so I can go in and swim in the lake.  Nobody but me wants to go swimming as they have read there are parasites in the lake.  I am going for it anyway.  So, I run down the beach and launch myself into the lake, which looks and acts like the ocean, as it is the largest lake in Africa.  The waves are crashing down on me as I swim out further into the lake/ocean.  The temperature is warm, even tropical.  Everyone thinks I am joking that the water is warm, but it truly is refreshing.

A day of relaxation at the beach.

After swimming, I go with a few others from our group to walk up and down the beach, taking some pictures.  It is a beautiful day here at the lake, and many people are hanging out on the beach.

Now we are having a wonderfully delicious buffet lunch on the patio next to beach at the Salema Beach Resort of Lake Malawi.  There is more food than we can eat here, including desserts.  I am excited to partake of this feast, as we have not been eating very well during out trip.

I brought my Frisbee along with me to Malawi so we could have some fun and maybe play with some kids.  Robin and Rachel join me on the beach to throw the Frisbee.  After a while, I invite a couple of young kids who are just hanging around on the beach to play Frisbee with us.  They do not know how to throw a Frisbee, so I start teaching them.  The first kid got it after just a couple of minutes, but teaching the other kid to throw the Frisbee straight is taking a while.  I do not give up on him, and after about an hour, he has finally learned how to throw the Frisbee very well.  This pumps me up.

Now, 2 of our drivers, Alan and James decide to go swimming in the lake.  Seeing them in the water is an invitation for me to go in also, so I am running to jump into the waves.  Oh yes, this is great.  Now I am doing a little body surfing on some of the bigger waves; yes, in the lake.  Or, is it an ocean?

On our way back to the Children of the Nation complex, we stop by and shop at 2 roadside vendor areas.  The first place was laid back and mellow, with the vendors not trying to overwhelm us too much.  The second place was a lot bigger and was loaded with people selling many different items.  This place is somewhat crazy, but fun.  I bought a conga drum to bring home with me.  After dinner, the Children of the Nation students come over to sing and dance.  I am giving them my conga drum, as I know they will have a lot more fun with it than I ever will.  They really know how to rock that conga.

Did I mention Mouse on a Stick yet: wild mice caught, boiled and roasted, then put on a shish kabob type stick.  Around here, it is fine dining.  Tyler, Lynn, and Hollie all eat the Mouse on a Stick.  Tyler says it tastes like chicken.  I am not going to find out if that is true or not.

The "Younger Generation" hangin' out!

Well, we just past a truck pulled over on the side of the road with about 25-30 people piled into the back.  There were so many people piled into the back, they were hanging over the side.  We have all decided that Alan drives way too fast.  If I do not make it back from Malawi, it will most likely be because I was killed in a car crash.  At times, it is a little scary on these winding narrow roads, especially when we are going 145 KM per hour (90 MPH) in a loaded van with no seat belts.  For me, I can only deal with this situation through faith in the Lord.  God, please keep us safe, we have a lot of work to do in your kingdom.

Thank you Lord for a relaxing day, A Day At The Beach-It Was Lake Malawi Day!

May God bless you all in your lives.

Daryl Dho

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