Its Cold Outside, So Here Is A New Blanket

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Here are thoughts from my journal today while in Malawi.

7-14-2010 (Wednesday)

Driving down the dirt road to Chikudzulire this morning brings with it a lot of dust into our van, making it difficult to breath.  But, as we drive into the Somebody Cares Community Center, thoughts of the dust disappear.  Turning into the Community Center we encountered 70-80 women and 30 children singing and dancing their hearts out for us as a welcoming ceremony.  It is so much fun watching them give all they got for God, and wow are they good.  They clap, dance and sing for 20-30 minutes, as many of our group join in on the fun.

We immediately split up into groups, some went to the local garden, some began the medical clinic for the sick, and others began to work with the young children.  The youth group went with 5 of us to the garden.  We hike about a quarter of a mile, down a hill and through the brush.  When we arrive at the garden, Edward gave us instructions to dip watering buckets into a watering hole and water the garden.  While we are watering the garden, the children continue to sing songs of praise to our heavenly Father.  We water the garden, nearly emptying the watering hole, but will refill for tomorrows task.  Allowing the youth to take a day off from the labor of the garden is not only good for them, but also warms my heart as I see the gratitude on their faces.  They are happy we supported and served them in this manner.  Upon completion of the watering activity, we hike back up the hill towards the community center.

At the top of the hill, Edward split us up into groups with the children and youth.  Some of young girls in our group paint the fingernails of the local youth girls.  I think they are painting over 130 sets of fingernails.  I’m sure this is making the young female girls feel very feminine.  After finishing their nails, the youth girls begin to sing for what seems like hours.

I am working with the youth leaders in a bible study for the male youth group.  It is a pleasure to read scripture and teach them about God’s word.  The youth group is so attentive as we read and learn together along with two of the youth leaders doing translation of their Bible.  It was a great time, and I sensed that many of the young boys really were grasping a greater knowledge about Jesus.  We read from Acts and Romans chapter.

Turning around towards the Community Center, I am pleased to see many of the women who participate in the programs are being given new blankets.  Many of the youth who have been involved in the centers programs are also given blankets.  Seeing their eyes glow as they squeeze their new blankets close to their bodies brings joy to my heart.  For the women and youth who received their new blankets, it is a rare occurrence, and one they are very grateful for.

It’s nearing the end of the day, and a few of the kids are playing soccer on the playground field with Tyler, so I join in.  Back in the early 90’s I played this game when I was coaching Casandra’s team, but I am not very good.  We are still having fun playing, and after a while, I wear out and decide to play Frisbee with some other kids.  I am having a good time teaching these kids how to throw the Frisbee.  Some of them get it easier than others; I don’t think they have ever seen a Frisbee before.  We have been playing for about an hour.  I’m tired, but content with the day.

Today was exhausting but glorious.

Have a blessed day,

Daryl Dho

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