Arriving in Malawi

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The following is my journal of our July 2010 Mission trip to Malawi.  There were 19 willing servants of our mighty God who went to bring medicine, counsel, teachings, comfort, friendship, love, and compassion to the women, children and men we met in the villages we visited.  To God be the glory.

7-11-2010 (Sunday)

It has been an exciting, exhausting, breathtaking, and sleepless last 48 hours, as we have finally completed our journey to Malawi.  Now we must rest for the evening in order to be properly prepared for tomorrows first day as God’s hands and feet and ministers of encouragement and hope.

It seems as if the evil one is always attempting to sidetrack God’s work, and our adventure to Malawi was no exception.  Today was especially crazy because of how our expedition took a left turn and near miss in Johannesburg.  Upon our arrival in South Africa, it was necessary for us to get all of our checked luggage from the baggage claim carousel, plus our carryon luggage prior to checking in and boarding our flight on South Africa Airlines to Malawi.  It was part of our agreement with the airlines that each person would be able to check in 3 pieces of luggage plus have 2 carryon bags.  Those in charge the boarding and checking area of South African Airlines told us we could only have 2 pieces plus 1 carryon, charging us additional fees and nearly preventing us enough time to make our connecting flight.  It seems as if the airline can change their mind if they choose to, of course without any notice.  But in the end, God wins and we make our connection.

When we arrived in Lilongwe, Keta from Somebody Cares, the mission organization we are working with, met us with several drivers to take us to the location where we would be staying for one evening.  Our driver navigated through the streets of Lilongwe a little fast for my taste, as we nearly hit several individuals who were walking, on a bicycle, or driving down the road in a different vehicle.  It was a little unnerving, but I was in his country now, and I’m sure this won’t be the only thing that is different.

Making our way to the location where we were lodging that first day, I observed the following:

1. Drive way too fast; and crazy.
2. Drive too close to others.
3. Women carrying huge bundles of goods on their head; which is totally amazing.
4. People walking and riding bikes everywhere, because they do not have cars.
5. People looking around and observing all that is around them while walking, ride a bike, or driving.
6. Old beautiful trees and green plants throughout the city.
7. Billboard signs either deteriorating or no longer in use.
8. Children playing outdoors; this must not be ARIZONA!

See you tomorrow for our first full day in Malawi.

May God Bless Your Day,

Daryl Dho

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