The Christmas Card, Here is My Favorite; A Journey to the Celebration

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My wife and I will be celebrating our 24th Christmas together this year.  Every year we have sent out Christmas cards to our family and friends.  Of course, we also receive Christmas cards, usually from those same family members and friends.  I enjoy receiving them, and at times we have displayed them on counter tops, entertainment centers, and in a card holder box.  It seems like the more cards you send out, the more you receive.  This year, we have received quite a few, but have not sent any cards out.  I wanted to, but as time went on, day after day, the next thing we knew it was Christmas Eve, and there was not any time left in order to get Christmas cards to our family and friends before Christmas.

So, if you are were expecting a Christmas card from Bonnie and I, then I must apologize for not sending you one, because it is not happening.  Trust me, you were definitely in our thoughts, I have no excuse other than this year we just were too busy to send Christmas cards; sorry.  If you get a card from us, it will have to be for a different holiday.

While I was thinking about the Christmas card, and what it means to those who receive them, I began to contemplate about what my favorite Christmas card of all time would be.  After a while, I came up with this one as my all time favorite Christmas card; it is the Bible. The Bible you ask, why are you saying the Bible is your all time favorite Christmas card? You may be saying, “the Bible is not a Christmas card”.  Here is my answer, and it is simple really, since what the Bible talks about is similar to what we talk about and read in our Christmas cards.  The truth, which is spoken through the Bible, is about the reason we celebrate Christmas every year; the Bible is about Jesus Christ, who is God, being born as a child to become a man and the savior of the world.  Yes, on Christmas day we are celebrating His birthday, so let’s party.  When you examine the word of God in the Bible, written by men through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then you begin to understand why I consider the Bible my favorite Christmas card.

The Bible has poetry, songs, history, and is full of the love from God about how we should live our lives in a meaningful and full way.  God sent His son to tell us about and to be an example of how to love one another, as God loves us.  This Christmas holiday, spend time to think about how the Bible can be considered the greatest Christmas card of all time, and how the love, which is sent to us through His Holy Spirit inspired words, should captivate us in such a way that we never want to discard it, never want to ignore it, never want to stop reading it over and over again.

This Christmas card, the Bible, should be a card that becomes part of our lives, for it is the words of God.  We should share the words from this Christmas card with all who will listen, just like I enjoy doing through my blogs.  We should share them in the work place, in school, around town, everywhere we go we should be excited to tell people about how God, through a period of over 1500 years, inspired men to put His words into written form for all to here and understand.  This Christmas card, the Bible, should be our favorite Christmas card of all time, because God, the creator of the universe, came to earth in the form of a man, in order that we would have a path to salvation from our sinful nature and a path to heaven.  This Christmas card is one we should cherrish, as it gives us the details of why we are celebrating tomorrow the birth of the savior Jesus Christ.  Remember, this holiday is about the birth of Jesus.  Let us not take that for granted, for it is not about Walmart having more sales!  Please be mindful of this over the next 48 hours; Jesus, who is God, was born in a manger about 2000 years ago, and on Christmas day we celebrate His birth.  God’s word, sent to us, is my favorite Christmas card, so go ahead and tell everyone you know about it, for it is eternal, and will never go away.

May the love of God be with you on your journey through life,

Daryl Dho

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