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Don’t Stress Out, But Relax During This Holiday Season; A Journey to the Celebration Continues

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Working in retail like I do, gives me a perspective on how a lot of people are during the holiday season.  This Christmas season, like most, is making a lot of people all stressed out.  I see them every day at the store, as they are in a hurry, worrying about the gift they need to get for the people on the their lists.  Many people are impatient, don’t want to wait in the long lines, are mad when you don’t have the item they want, and are so caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, they are missing out on all of the blessings the holiday season brings to those who open their eyes to it.  My suggestion is this, “Don’t stress out, but relax during this holiday season; and remember that this is a journey to the celebration.”

It is only 4 days until Christmas, and it would be great if everyone was done with their Christmas shopping so they could relax and look at the outdoor lights, get together with families and friends, put their feet up on the lazy boy chair, even read a book if they wanted to, maybe read the Bible, and about the real Christmas story.  My hope is that everyone remembers that this Friday is about celebrating the birthday of Jesus.  We will all gather with family and friends, but let us not forget that we are at a birthday party for the Lord of the universe.

In the meantime, get less of what someone doesn’t really need anyway, one less stocking stuffer, one less gift for someone who would be happier if you just spent time with them.  These last couple of days bring so much stress into many peoples lives because we are creatures who seem to enjoy putting things off until the last minute, then we get stressed out because we don’t have enough time to get the gifts we think our family and friends need.  The retailers love it because people who shop from now until Christmas Eve do not care as much about the price, they just want to find something for the people they are buying for.  This is when people start throwing everything on credit cards, due their panic about having to get presents.

A greater present can be giving of your time.  I know for me, I wish I had more time in my life to give, because those who know and love me would rather have my time than anything I could buy.  If I could buy time, I would, because my time is a far greater gift than any TV, doll, game, or clothes I can find in any retailer to give to someone I care about.  Think about what is most important to you, is it the people you love and care about, or the things you have?  I hope your answer is the people you love and care about, because “stuff” doesn’t last, but our spirit is eternal.  We should spend the time nurturing our relationships, giving of ourselves instead of merchandise that deteriorates and becomes obsolete.

It is time to take our focus away from the material objects of this world, moving it in a direction towards those around us, their feelings and emotions, their needs and wants from a relational standpoint rather than a belief that they only care about us if we give them “stuff”.  It is nice to get presents, everyone wants them, but at the end of the day we would all rather have someone we care for than a present from them.  My father passed away in 1997, and I would much rather have him here with me now than anything the world could show me.  Who really cares about all of the “stuff” we accumulate in our lives.  Let us focus on each other this holiday season, give our love to each other, give a hug to a child, to your friend and to your family.

Several years ago I had the privilege of preparing and serving a meal, with several of my friends, for a group of patients who had Aids and were all dying.  We spent the evening dining with them, sharing our lives together with them, singing Christmas carols with them, and being loved and sharing love with them.  One of the patients said that normally when people come to serve them prepared meals at these functions, the people preparing the meals for this organization just stay out in the hallway while the patients eat.  Eating with them, sharing our lives together was the best part, I would not have wanted to miss out on that time together.  At the end of the night, as we were saying goodbye, one of the patients, whose name eludes me right now, gave me a hug and boldly said, “hugs are free”. That saying has stuck with my, and now I use it all of the time as I am a big hugger.  So, if you are around me, and get a hug while in a situation that may not seem a normal hugging time, I will probably say, “hugs are free” and give you a hug.  We could use more of the spirit the patients at dinner had that night.  They were all dying of Aids, yet happy and grateful they still had life, and were still able to share of their lives with others.

So, I appeal to you one more time, don’t stress out, but relax during this holiday season, remember we are on a journey to the celebration. Take the time to be with your family and friends, realizing most do not have the expectations we think they have about getting “stuff”, and if they do, then they need to readjust their thinking.  With respect to our children, in my opinion, we all have probably spoiled them to a point where we have done an injustice to them, not allowing them to realize everything isn’t free, and our relationships are more important than the “stuff”.  Lastly, the value of your time has no limit, so give some away today!

May God bless you on your journey in life,

Daryl Dho

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