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The Christmas Lights are Such Spectacular Sights; A Journey to the Celebration

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One of my most beloved parts of the Christmas season are the outdoor Christmas decorations.  I enjoy driving around gazing at the colorful lights, outdoor silhouettes, stars, lawn decorations, nativity scenes, lighted walkways, etc.  Another added benefit of the holiday season is the colder temperatures outside, so it might even be a fantastic idea to take along some hot chocolate topped off with whipped cream while you view the spectacular decorations people have so diligently put up on and around their houses.  Of course, some Christmas decorators really get excited about their illuminated ornamentations, attempting to be the brightest and most magnificent arrangements in the neighborhood, somewhat like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.  Although, I don’t think anyone actually hears angels singing “Hallelujah” when we turn on our lights, like Clark Griswold did in Christmas Vacation, but it is a nice thought.  Yes, I think that we can all agree that Christmas lights are such spectacular sights; and so we continue on our journey to the celebration.

But, have you noticed that over the past 2 years, there seems to be less outdoor Christmas decorations that in previous years, at least this is what I perceive in the area where I live?  I suspect that people are not wanting to go and spend money on outdoor decorations, possibly due to the economy.  When their lights do not work anymore, they simply have not been going to purchase new lights for their yards and houses.  Now, I am going to take a guess at this next reason for the diminishing number of light displays I see in the neighborhoods, but I believe people may be a little depressed as a whole, and therefore just do not want to put the effort into sharing their spectacular light displays with the world.  I may be wrong, but as unemployment stays above 10% and the housing market continues to be low, there may be a pattern to the lack of outdoor Christmas light problem I am noticing on our local streets.  I truly miss them, and want to see the Christmas lights that are such spectacular sights!

Now, the newest lights on the market are the LED light sets, which illuminate with a longer shelf life and use less electricity to leave on for long periods of time.  If you do not have outdoor lights, go and get some of these LED lights and get them up, for their is only 10 days until Christmas! I am asking and requesting that if you do not have any lights up yet, and they are in boxes in your garage, then get up off of the couch and put them up!  Let us light up the sky with decorations for all to see.  Think about the little children and how you can see the reflection of the light sets in their eyes, which twinkle almost as much as the light sets themselves. This is so wonderful for the children as they marvel at the beautiful illuminations.  These same children may even see Santa Claus in a front yard, giving them a thrill to laugh, scream, and smile about.  I understand about the myth of Santa, but you know he is really a fun guy once you get to know him.  Maybe Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer will be in a yard down the street.  If you have a Frosty the Snowman tucked away on the overhead of your garage, get it out for all to see, we are waiting.  Just think how great it would be if every house on your block had lights on their houses and in their yards.  I am getting a little excited as I imagine this becoming a reality.  Oh, how I miss so many of the Christmas lights as they are such spectacular sights!

These outdoor light spectaculars can take a dull season and change it around for those who may be having a rough time, while brightening up their lives.  You never know who may be looking at your house, remembering a time in their life when things were slower, more carefree, and without so much of the stress which many of us carry around each and every day.  As God has created and given us the stars in the sky to view in amazement, so should we follow up with creations of Christmas lights which are such spectacular sights. The world awaits this time of year in order to possibly take ourselves away from the daily hustle and bustle, from the grind, from the worry of our job, children, and families.  When we light up the sky’s with our outdoor illuminations, we might be bringing someone out of darkness and giving them the one glimmer of hope for a brighter day and future in their lives.  We need a break from what makes us get up every day sometimes, and these visions of beauty, illuminating in the dark night, may be what keeps someone focused on another day, on how life can and should be a positive experience, and how we can share the light of life with those in our midst.

As I close, I am going out to watch my daughter cheer for her High School basketball team, hopefully to victory.  Then, after the game, I am taking my wife and daughter on a drive through the neighborhoods in our area to view some more of the Christmas lights.  I plan on taking a picture of one that strikes me in a special way, and putting it in this blog.  But you know, I imagine they all will strike me in a special way, because I know that someone took the time and the care to put them up for us to see, and that, my friends is special.  Yes, all of the Christmas lights that we see tonight will be such spectacular sights, I will not want it to end.  The journey to the celebration of Christmas continues tomorrow morning.

May God bless your journey in life,

Daryl Dho

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