Not Our Work, But God’s Work.

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God created all of these children in His image.


Each morning prior to going out into the field to do ministry, we gather at the Somebody Cares office for worship, prayer, celebration, and a time of devotion.  Today, at devotion, Theresa shares how we should allow God to guide us with His will and purpose and not our own.  She describes how each day we may be asked to do something that we do not desire to do or what we thought we should be doing, but rather what God wants us to do.  It is important for us to recognize a willingness to first seek the completion of His will in all things, including our mission work.  At times, if we are following our own will instead of God’s, he may rebuke us.  God may do this in order that we come back inline with His will.  We may not like how God disciplines us, but it is necessary so that His greater purpose is fulfilled.  It is important for us to remember this, it is Not Our Work, But God’s Work!

On a mission trip to Africa, there are many different types of duties to be completed.  It is always a good time packaging up bars of soap and sugar for widows in the villages, because we know the items are needed.  One of our teams will be taking the packages to the village of Njewa.  I am sure the widows will be blessed and very appreciative.

We are a little sad this morning, as we are told that of the widows died in Ngona on Saturday night.  We pray for her family and those who knew her.  It is difficult to comprehend the loss of life that happens so regularly among these village people.  The devastation of Aids and other diseases truly aches my heart as I meet people who do not have much time left in this life.  My prayer is that they all come to know Jesus as Lord and savior while they still have time.  When we arrive in Sichongo, Chief Kapudzama tells us that someone in his village had died during the night, and many of the villagers are at the funeral.  Again, I am stricken with grief and sorrow for the many who suffer.

In Sichongo today, a remote village about 30 minutes outside of Chikudzulire, we are greeted by most of the villagers on the side of a soccer field, which also serves as a gathering place.  We are given wooden chairs to sit in underneath a large tree.  The chief formally greets us with Ramsey interpreting his message.  Although Somebody Cares has been giving assistance and guidance to Sichongo, Ramsey tells us we are some of the first non-Africans to visit their village.  A sense of being distanced from the outside world overwhelms my emotions as I wonder about the isolation these people have been in for so long.  The beauty of us engaging with these people today in community and in the presence of our mighty God brings me peace.  It is obvious how the ministry of Somebody Cares is instrumental in bringing God into this community.  The ministry is not just about bringing them life’s physical sustenance, but also to teach them how to become a self-sufficient village.

Tyler and I play soccer with some of the youth.  These kids are very skilled at moving the soccer ball with their feet; I on the other hand am not skilled at all, and they no it, taking advantage of my lack of playing ability.  We play 5 on 5 on a smaller field, without any goalies, as we have make small goals about 4 feet wide, using bricks as the side markers.  There are 3 teams, which are rotated in after each team scores a goal.  One goal wins the game.  So, after each goal, we start a new game.  I play until I am soaked with sweat, and too tired to run any longer.  I am not 15 anymore, and these kids run circles around me.  Still, it is a huge blessing to be able to play soccer with these young boys on their turf.

Around 1 PM, several of us go with Ramsey and about 15 of the village youth and adults to the garden.  It is our job to give the garden it’s afternoon bath, or let’s just say we water the garden.   We dip and fill up the watering cans from a water hole and give the garden the much-needed daily supply of water.  This procedure is completed twice daily, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  The village has a starter garden, whereby they plant the seeds until the plants began to grow.  After the plants reach a certain growth stage, they transfer them to a larger garden so they can grow to their fullest potential.  Ramsey shares with us how proud the villagers are of their garden, and how they expect it to continue producing crops they can eat, sell at the market place, as well as produce more seed in order to continue production in the future.  Their goal is for their village to become self-sufficient and not rely on outside resources.

The medical team performs another incredible job as they administer examinations to 185 children, including dispensing medicine as applicable.  In addition, all the children are given medication to prevent them from having worms.  Unfortunately, there are still about 30 children who do not receive examinations today, as we run out of time in the day and have to leave to go back to COTN.  There is just not enough manpower or time to take care of all the children who need our attention.  Leaving some children without receiving medical examinations brings sorrow to all of our hearts.  But, we know we have given our best for the fulfilling of our mighty God’s divine purpose; we have to be at peace with that thought.  Also, we must remember it is Not Our Work, But God’s Work.  Amen.

I pray all of you are blessed by God’s Spirit,

Daryl Dho

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